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Double Layer Reverse Umbrella with C Shape
Price RM22.00 RM63.00
Product SKU UM02
Brand Azonla
Size (L x W x H) 80 cm x 12 cm x 11 cm
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Model / Type
  • Add-On Bubble Wrap RM1
  • Double Layer Inverted Reverse Umbrella with C-Hook
  • Double layer fabric that allows it to be wind proof
  • The skeleton uses carbon fiber material
  • Umbrella cloth with high-density waterproof hit cloth
  • Durable, Strong and Long Lasting
  • The wet side of the umbrella faces inward when closed, exposing only the dry side
  • Easier to open when coming out of a car or other covered area



Inside Out Folding Design
Keep dry while getting in and out of your car
The Inverted Umbrella opens through a small car door gap
while you stay protected in your car
Minimize getting wet while exiting and entering your car
No need to shake the umbrella out when you bring it into your car, as the wet surface folds away inside the umbrella




Drip-Free Design
Keep your car and floor dry with the Inverted Umbrella's reverse folding design
The wet outside surface is folded inside the umbrella
Keeps the interior of your car dry
Never again will have to leave your umbrella at the cafe or shop entrance because it is wet



New C-shape Handle
The Inverted Umbrella allows you to free your hands
You can make a call, send a text, take a photo
Or, get your keys from your bag or pocket














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1 x Double Layer Reverse Umbrella with C Shape