Pillow Blanket 50x50CM

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Pillow Blanket 50x50CM

  • Pillow Size: 50*50CM, Blanket Size: 150*195CM
  • Folding Is a Fashionable Pillow
  • Unfolding Is a Quilt
  • Zipper On Three Sides To Zip It Into A Pillow
  • 30 Different Model
  • Size: 40*40CM, 50*50CM, 40*30CM



Pillow Blanket 50x50CM

Pillow Blanket 50*50cm

Azonla Shopee Malaysia     


Beautiful Decorative Pillow Quilt

Simply unzip and the pillow blanket 50x50cm will expand to a 150*195cm quilt. Perfect for cuddling on the couch, watching TV or just reading a book. Also nice to have for your office in case you want to take a nap.

A Must Have For Road Trips

Just throw the pillow blanket 50x50cm in the car, and open it up when you need a little cover. Won’t take up a lot of room. It is an essential road trip for kids. Great for sleepovers too.

So Soft And Comfortable

Dual zipper design for ease of use. Zippers are soft and won’t scratch skin. Simple modern design that won’t cramp your style. Beautiful and practical.

Easy To Care For

Just throw it in the washer and dryer, it will come out looking like new.

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 46 × 46 × 7 cm
Pillow Blanket 50x50cm

Animal Forest, Cat, Dog League, Doraemon, Fantasy Sky, Fish, Flamingo, Giraffe, Hanada Tsukishita, Mustache, Santa Deer, Star Bear

Service Add-On

Add-On Wrap With Bubble, No Add-On


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