Multi-functional Baby Stroller

It is already very hard for new mom to take care of their babies every day, and at the same time, they must quickly collect and digest all kinds of parenting knowledge, in order to give their babies meticulous care. New mom must be very careful especially when buying baby’s food, daily necessities, etc. Because the baby is still a new born, they are still fragile and delicate, any bad internal or external stimulation is harmful to the them.

In the process of baby growth, every new mom will inevitably experience the difficulty of buying a baby stroller. There are many types of strollers, such as umbrella strollers, lightweight strollers, tricycles, etc. But what kind of baby stroller is suitable for new born babies?

In this stage, baby’s bones are soft, their back muscles are lacking of strength and the support ability are insufficient, it is not recommended to buy an umbrella stroller, because sitting on it for a long time will cause the baby to hunchback or scoliosis, and it will also affect the development of organs.

For babies under 6 months, the most suitable baby stroller is a multi-functional stroller. As the name suggests, the multi-functional stroller has multiple functions, such as reclining seat, reversible seat position, multiple shock absorbers… just like what I am going to introduce next This, Belecoo stroller does the same.

New born baby stroller
Multi-functional baby stroller are suitable for new born babies.

Multi-Position Reversible Seat

baby stroller two way pushing
Two way pushing allow moms to taking good care of their babies.

Babies under 1 year old spend more time lying down, and this baby stroller has a large sleeping basket which allows baby to sleep comfortably. The modes can be adjusted to flat-lying mode, half-lying mode and sitting mode (Adjustment range: 100°-180°), which provides baby a very good lying experience, at the same time can also satisfy the curiosity of baby looking around when awake. It’s almost like a mobile baby bedroom.

However, if baby stroller is adjusted to the 180° flat-lying mode, remember to place a small pillow under baby’s head.

Babies under 1 year old are prone to feel anxious and irritable about the new environment. However, seeing the mother’s face can greatly relieve the anxiety and make the baby feel at ease. This pram stroller sleeping basket or seat can be manually reversed, either facing backward or forward, so that babies are able to see their mother. Mother can also observe baby’s every move and having eye contact with the baby, killing two birds with one stone.

Car Body and Wheel with Shock Absorption

baby stroller shock absorption
Newborns are not yet fully developed. The shock absorber system can reduce burden on the baby.

Since important parts such as the head and spine of the new born baby is not fully developed, in order to protect the baby, the shock-absorbing performance of baby stroller is particularly important, especially for new-born aged 0-6 months, required better and higher performance.

The body of this baby stroller comes with dual independent shock absorption systems, four shock absorption springs on the front wheels and double shock absorption springs on the rear wheels with patterns, which can effectively reduce the shock caused by uneven roads and protect the tender body of baby, improves the stability, comfort and safety while pushing stroller.

Durable Large Rubber Wheel

Baby stroller large durable rubber wheel
Large wear-resistant and explosion-proof rubber wheels can easily cope with various road conditions.

This baby stroller has large wear-resistant and explosion-proof rubber wheels which are strong and durable. Besides it can also prevent tire blowouts, tire punctures, and air leakage situations to happen. The axle is a steel bearing wheel core and the front wheel supports 360° rotation, which can make the stroller flexibly in pushing, so that mom can push it easily and effortlessly. The pram chair can cope with various road conditions allows mom to go anywhere she wants with baby.

In addition, when the big wheels are pushed on complex roads, such asphalt road or road with gravel, the bumps will be relatively small, which have a certain shock absorption effect.

5-Point Safety Harness

baby stroller five safety harness
Five-point safety harness let the baby stay safe and the mom pushes it at ease.

Just like car seat belt, safety harness is important for life-saving, so baby strollers must have safety harness. There are currently three types of safety harness: five-point safety, three-point safety harness, and two-point safety harness.

Among those three, the five-point type is safer and consists of a waist-strap, a shoulder-strap and a cross-strap which located on both sides of the seat, between the baby’s two legs and on both sides of the shoulders. Three-point seat belts have no cross-straps, and two-point seat belts have no cross-straps and shoulder straps.

Another life-saving device, the brake, is also an essential feature of the stroller. The brake is to solve potential safety hazards that could face by parents on the slope road. This baby push chair has brake on the front wheel and rear wheel to avoid the danger of skidding with only one braking.

Height Adjustable Handle, Compact Design

baby stroller height adjustable handle
Handle height can be easily adjusted, suitable for whole family to use.

The push handle of this baby stroller has a total of 12 height modes that can be adjusted, allowing mom to adjust handle according to their height and reduce burden on the waist when pushing. No worry if the baby’s father is going to do the pushing of the stroller, it is cater for whole family use. Other than that, when the stroller is folded, it is good enough to fit in the trunk, it has a compact design which make it easy for storage.

Large Under Seat Basket, Good for Shopping

baby stroller large under seat basket
A large shopping basket for moms to put baby daily necessities or shopping bags.

It is not easy for mom to go shopping, pushing a stroller, and carrying shopping bags in her hands, which is really inconvenient. Hence, at the base of this stroller, there is a large shopping basket, which can satisfy moms’ buying desire or to put the daily necessities such as diapers, feeding bottles, face towels, etc. when moms is taking their babies out with them.

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