Pillow Blanket 2 in 1 cushion

The pillow blanket multi-functional cushion is definitely a must-have item for home travel. You can simply take it out and use it all the time. Whenever you want to rest, you can use it as a blanket or a pillow. Whenever you want read a book while lying on sofa, you can use it as a cushion to support your waist. Whenever you want to travel, it is also easy to carry and takes up no space at all. So, if you are a travel lover or road trip lover, strongly recommend to bring this awesome item with you!

Now, let’s me introduce you to 3 cost-effective multi-functional cushion that can be served as pillow as well as blanket!

Fashionable and good-looking pillow blanket dual-use cushion (size 40*40 cm)

pillow blanket using reactive printing and dyeing teachnology

This pillow blanket cushion is made up of polyester fabric, no matter how you stressing it or rolling it around, the “pillow shape” still remains. The pillow quilt cushion is also super elastic, easy to wash and dry, and not afraid of fading.

Accidentally soaked it with coffee while taking nap at the office? No worry, just take it home and do the laundry, the next day it still will be your best nap Kaki.

For business elite friends who often go for business trip and need to spend most of their time on the plane, this pillow quilt is definitely a must-buy. Instead of using the blanket provided on the plane, with no guarantee of the hygiene status of that blanket, it is better to bring your own pillow and blanket, which is clean and hygienic, and can sleep well even you are on plane.

Simple and elegant pillow blanket dual-use cushion (size 50*50 cm)

Simple and elegant pillow blanket

Like to stay in bed and enjoy the warm comfort of being surrounded? Then this oversized pillow blanket is definitely your go-to! Also made up of polyester fabric, it becomes a standard double bed size quilt (150*195cm) when you open it up. Therefore, one is enough for travelling of two people.

The way to store the quilt is also very convenient. Just fold the quilt back as the way you opened it and tighten the zipper on three sides. Tada, again it recovers to the pillow form!

Cute cartoon/stuffed pillow blanket three-use cushion

Cartoon pillow blanket

This pillow quilt with hamster appearance wins every girl’s heart! Of course, with this extremely cute hamster appearance, you can easily attract everyone’s attention.

It’s pleasing to the eye when placed at home and can be used as decoration of sofas or beds. Everybody is going to envy you if you have one in the office.

Moreover, it will be just like an extra companion when you bring it along to the trip, not to mentioned it can also be used as a hand warmer!

hamster pillow blanket as hand warmer

The outer layer material of the cartoon is velvet, which is delicate and soft to the touch, environmentally friendly and skin-friendly. The quilt material is flannel, you can put your hand into the toy, it will keep your hand away from freezing and easily achieve warmth!

The quilt can be pulled out from the back of the plush toy. Since the hamster is filled with PP cotton, even if the quilt is taken out, the hamster can still be used as a pillow!

In terms of cleaning, it can be washed by hand or washed by washing machine. The hamster will not be deformed, and it is still cute.

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