Amazing automatic folding umbrella which prevent you from heavy rains and storm

The weather in Malaysia is uncertain, that’s why this automatic folding umbrella is really a savior for all those who are really bothered by the weather!

Clear skies for this second and the next second downpour out of sudden. Therefore, an umbrella is a must when you go out in Malaysia… Otherwise, you going to caught in the heavy rain. Continuously raining up to several hours is enough to make you stuck at where you are now.

Maybe you will say like, hey that’s just an umbrella, just get a simple one for the use in raining day. However, I strongly recommend you to read until the end before jumping to conclusion, this automatic folding umbrella does have some amazing features!

One-Button Auto Open and Auto Close

Jet Black automatic folding umbrella with low-key luxury style.
Jet Black automatic folding umbrella with low-key luxury style.

In the past, ordinary umbrellas had to be opened with both hands. Now, with only one push of the button, you will have umbrella opened, which is convenient and fast. When the umbrella is not in use, push one more time and the umbrella will automatically collapse the canopy down so you can repack and store.

When it is raining and you are holding something in your hand, it’s really hard to open the umbrella. But this one-button automatic folding umbrella can be a great help. It liberates your hands to a certain extent.

Reinforced 10 Ribs Giving Stronger Support and Windproof Strength

Ribs is the core part of the umbrella and it is made up of fiberglass which give has higher strength and better toughness.
Ribs is the core part of the umbrella and it is made up of fiberglass which give has higher strength and better toughness.

Ordinary umbrella has about 6-8 ribs. Compared with a 10 ribs automatic folding umbrella, the support and wind resistance are much inferior. In addition, most common umbrellas are made of iron or steel ribs, which are strong but easy to get rusty. Every time I see rust stains on the bottom canopy of the umbrella, I just feel like want to replace it with a new one.

But this umbrella is different. It is made of fiberglass, which not only has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, not prone to rust and storm resistance. It’s also making the umbrella rib stronger and not easy to break. Even in violent storms, it can withstand and hang tight, building a world of peace for you in the rain.

105cm Curve-Shaped Canopy Umbrella to Block Raindrops, Waterproof and Quick-drying

large but lightweight automatic folding umbrella
The 33cm automatic folding umbrella can be stored without taking up space, and can be put in a bag or in the car.

The super-large curve-shape canopy umbrella and high-density umbrella cloth can repel rain water and keeps your umbrella drier, allows your umbrella dry faster.

When the umbrella is opened, the most annoying moment is entering the car. I want to get in, but I am afraid that the rain will drip all over the car; especially for those people who take public transport, rain flowing down from umbrella making the floor all wet, which is really embarrassing. But this problem can be solved perfectly if you got this umbrella because it is waterproof and quick-drying.

Moreover, this large but lightweight umbrella (430g) is easy to store without taking up space, can be carried anywhere in a bag, car or a suitcase. And such a big umbrella is enough to keep two people shelter under it.

Ergonomic Handle Design Fits Comfortably in Hand

Automatic Folding Umbrella - Ergonomic
The umbrella handle is ergonomically designed and feels more comfortable.

As far as the comfort of hand is concerned, the ergonomics handle fits comfortably in hand; the anti-slip design of the handle provide secure grip and allows you to hold the umbrella firmly so that you are no longer afraid of strong winds and heavy rain which will blow away the umbrella.

There are still many hidden features and functions of this fantastic automatic folding umbrella, you should buy it home and find it out yourself!

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